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Zeaside.Kiwi also features some photo or media stock from other parts of the world, predominantly landscape, nature and urban. These are listed in the OFF-TRACK section, to be found in the main menu.

Zeaside.Kiwi is interested in exchange with like-minded (NZ) forest photographers. If you want your images included in or linked to from this website, please get in touch with me.

Welcome to zeaside.kiwi, a small stock-photo collection with an emphasis on featuring images and some field recordings of New Zealand´s unique native forests.

My name is Zeb, I am a Berlin based occasional photographer with an affinity to the New Zealand Outdoors and I have trekked many of the lesser known paths through smaller patches and pockets of native forest remainders, specifically in the North Island. Those are mostly isolated miniature forest islands, endangered by ever encroaching damaging farming practices, aggressive clear cut methods in immediately adjacent Pine plantations, by climate change, droughts and freak weather events, by mass tourism, roads, traffic and light pollution. Yet, they demonstrate what has been lost and what could still be regained. 

This is a personal collection of images for a global audience.

The collection aims to bolster conservation efforts in benefit of New Zealand´s diverse native forest remainders. Zeaside.Kiwi extends the sounds & sights of Aotearoa´s forests into the World Wide Web, thus educating the unsuspecting web-surfer and serving as a stock-photo source for editors and researchers.

Thanks for surfing by!   


Thank you so much for your very kind offer to give Forest & Bird a donation each time one of your New Zealand images is sold.

Forest & Bird Protection Society NZ, 2016

Zeaside.Kiwi is a free-of-charge stock-photo source for Forest & Bird NZ and environmental organisations, education and research, aiming to contribute to the protection of native or natural forests around the world (enquire within). All images at Zeaside.Kiwi are copyright protected by international law. Please respect the copyright. By doing so, you support the ongoing presence of this little project.

Licensing & Download

Zeaside.Kiwi is a private and personal project. Although it has no commercial emphasis, all images on this site can be obtained in a variety of formats that may suit your requirements.

The easiest and quick way to license and download images from this website (Placeholder text and pricing in illustrations are fictional ;):

1. Add image(s) to a Lightbox (click corresponding button on preview or next to enlarged image).

2. When you are done adding your favourites to a lightbox, go to your lightbox (main menu). Click "Request a quotation for this selection".

3. Please enter your message to me, including your full name, address and phone number. Please specify the intended use for your requested image(s). Intended use includes medium (online or print), what region or country you intend to publish the image in, in what size or for what portion of a page (like 1/4 page) of your publication the intended image will be used.
If you have further requirements or questions, please include these in your message.
Please indicate if you are acting on behalf or as a non-profit entity or in case your intended use is solely for educational purposes.

When the quotation form is complete, underneath the image(s), click "Send".

4. I will review your quotation request and reply with a quote, containing a complete offer. You will find a ready-to-go Rights Managed License for your requested image(s) and the corresponding intended use.

5. If you are happy with the offer, you can use that quotation to right away license and download the requested image(s). If you wish to make alterations to the quotation or if you have any questions, you can simply reply to the quotation by email.

6. Upon acceptance, checkout and successful payment (if applicable; free-of-charge downloads and licenses will commence without the payment step), you will be directed to your download area. You can then download your licensed image(s) and the corresponding actual Usage License(s). You will also receive a receipt by e-mail.

All images show meta info on the source file size and dimension (when you view an image in single image view mode -> click on an image). This data implicates the best possible quality of an image available on short notice. Images are JPEG in sRGB color space on the webserver. Some images are available as 8 Bit TIFF in AdobeAGB instantly from the server. You can find out by looking into the keywords of single images or by simply filtering all images by keywords "TIFF" or "AdobeRGB". Most images on Zeaside.Kiwi can be made available in any required color space, file format and even in RAW format. Just email me.

Due to a change of technical service providers, Zeaside.Kiwi doesn´t feature instant licensing and downloads at the moment. Rights Managed Licensing can be negotiated by way of contacting me through e-mail (contact form on this web site). Rights Managed licenses will spell out the exact usage terms for an aquired image (form of publication, duration and circulation, dimension, file format, pricing etc).

Aquired images will not contain a visible watermark.

To license an image: Please provide the URL or name of the image(s), your intended use of the image(s) and your e-mail contact information. I will reply by e-mail within one or two days (also depending on your present time zone).

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